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The summer is always a fun and energetic time when it comes to fashion. No longer do our heavy winter jackets hide away our favourite outfits. Instead, we can finally bear all and show the world what we’re rocking this season!

With that in mind ,it’s the perfect time to wear your boldest and brightest clothes, try out the newest trends and take a few risks with your outfits. While the clothes are the basis to our look, no outfit is truly complete without a fabulous accessory or two… or three…or more - You really can’t go overboard, after a long year at home people everywhere are itching to show off their style and many are calling Summer the season of over-accessorising!

We’ve been working hard to curate the most on trend summer items right now so that you don’t have to… So, let’s take a look at what the accessory trends are for Summer:

1. Wooden Jewellery

Wooden jewellery has been growing in popularity over the last few years and is still very much on trend for this summer season. One of the major selling points for wooden accessories - is it’s a naturally renewable resource, making it a great material for creating sustainable fashion. So, if you’re looking to live a more Eco-Friendly life… adding an earthy feel to your look this is the way to go.

Wooden jewellery is also a great option for those of us with sensitive skin. As it’s a natural material - it won’t cause irritation like some metals do. Not only that, but it’s light-weight nature makes them extremely comfortable to wear in comparison to the heavier metal chains that while fabulous might often weigh us down.

In our increasingly environmentally conscious world this accessory trend ticks all the boxes. We don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon - so if you haven’t already… it’s time to add some chic wooden pieces to your collection!

Get The Look:


Check this out:

Forest Geometric Wooden Necklace by Choice Boutique

This fabulous geometric style necklace can make any outfit pop

Check this out:

Add an earthy feel to your summer looks with this light-weight wooden piece.

2. Sun Hats

Sun hats are not only a super stylish way to complete your outfit, but they also offer added protection for your hair and skin against the summer sun. A good sun hat can help you avoid hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and even cancer. After over a year of facing a global pandemic, people are much more health conscious this season, which we are all on board for.

So do your skin and wardrobe a favour and get yourself on trend with some fabulously chic sun hats. This season it’s all about natural tones, so think browns and creams.

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Check this out:
This Wide brim straw sun hat will keep you protected from the rays while looking effortlessly elegant.


Check this out:

Sun Hat by Choice Boutique

This sun hat is a staple piece for any summer wardrobe! Feel gorgeous whether at the beach or out for lunch in the sun.

3. Tie Die Bucket Hats

Get funky with your style this season by adding a little tie dye into the mix! Not only is Tie Dye one of this seasons trendiest patterns when it comes to clothes, it’s crossed over into the accessories we’re wearing too!

The bucket hat has been a street style essential for the last number of years but this season it has become an everything essential. So, be bold this season and try your hand at rocking a tie dye bucket hat – with 2 trends in 1 you can’t go wrong!

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Check this out:

Rainbow Pride Bucket Hat by Choice Boutique

Show your Rainbow Pride all summer long with this fabulously fun piece.

4. Summer Shoes

It’s time to swap out your winter boots for some fresh summer styles! Summer is all about the casual slip-on sandal style. Whether you’re a fan of the Birkenstock look, sliders, or flip flops there’s something to suit everyone this season.

With nightlife not being an option for most these days people are trading in their wedges and platform sandals for a more comfortable casual fit this summer that doesn’t skimp on style.

Get the look:

Check this out:

Open Toe Sandal by Choice Boutique

Stand out of the crowd with a pair of neon green open toe sandals!

Check this out:

Bow Sandal by Choice Boutique

These ultra-feminine bow feature sliders will elevate any summer look!

5. Crossbody Bags

Some notable summer bag trends include the shopper tote and open netting styles which will have you looking fabulous for casual outings and trips to the beach. When it comes to your everyday summer bag of choice though it’s got to be a crossbody bag this season!

Light and effortlessly stylish the crossbody bag can fit all your essentials and then some - but the best part is how it sits across your chest, so you’ll never have to fear about putting it down in a hurry and misplacing it – Don’t you just love it when practicality and fashion come together!

Get the look:

Check this out:

Cross Body Bag

This wardrobe staple will pair nicely with any look keeping you in style all season long.
-Available in 20 colours, including the on-trend chocolate brown shade below.

Last words on Summer 2021 Accessory Trends

So, there you have it some of the top 5 summer accessory trends for. What’s really great to see in this year’s trends is the focus on sustainable fashion and looking after our health. Who ever said being environmentally conscious or health conscious meant you couldn’t be fashionable? – Consider that myth debunked!

Whether you’re looking for accessories to dress up your long-awaited holiday in the sun wardrobe or simply to add some extra glam to your day to day looks, just remember it is the season for over-accessorising… - So don’t hold back & have fun with it!

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