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The summer sale is in full swing at Choice Boutique and with that in mind we wanted to bring you some tips to help you make the most of it!

We caught up with Ailbhe, one of our instore stylists, on some of her top tips for shopping in a sale. So, let’s get into it and see what Ailbhe suggests so you can be prepared and enjoy your summer sale shopping with ease:


Q: What is your top tip for shopping in a sale?

Ailbhe: So, my top tip would be to buy true to size. So, either buy your size or go up a size. You know a lot of the time people buy small sizes thinking “oh I'll get into this one day” and then you never take it out of the wardrobe, and it eventually goes to charity. So, definitely be realistic and buy true to your size or even go up a size in some styles and wear them a little bit bigger. By all means get your bargain, but don’t waste your money on things that will ultimately remain untouched in your wardrobe!


Q: Is shopping in a sale any different to shopping on any other day?

Ailbhe: It is because you can actually use this as an opportunity to fill any gaps you have in your wardrobe. You know if you do a bit of research and go through your wardrobe, you can actually go and fill all those gaps and get great bargains at the same time.

So, say you go through your wardrobe and if you kind of go “oh actually, I need a really good pair of denim jeans” or any other wardrobe staples then get into the sales early and pick up all of those, because they are things you will wear over and over.

A lot of the time, suppliers and shops will use sales to clear out all their basic ranges, so like their little cotton cammies and everything else because they don't wear well. So, you can actually go and pick up all those little bits that you do use every summer.

So, yeah definitely I think it's a little bit different for the fact that you can get loads of really good pieces to complete your wardrobe and save a fortune as well!


Q: How should people prepare themselves to go shopping in the sales?

Ailbhe: Oh, definitely don't be tired or stressed! So have a cup of coffee, make sure to have a bit of food and again, kind of prepare yourself and do a bit of research. Think about what you need so that you are going in with a sort of game plan.

I also recommend doing shops in a row, you know, when you're on a shopping Buzz. So, if you find one thing then keep going on that momentum. So yeah, try to do a few shops together, rather than trying to do it over a couple of days because you can, you know, lose energy and miss out on deals nearer the end of sales.

So definitely the biggest thing is don't be tired or stressed because when you're shopping in a sale it's always a bit of a mess, and you need to be focused so you can make the most of it.


Q: Is there a best time of day to go shopping in a sale?

Ailbhe: Yeah, early in the morning. So, it all would be reset every evening so if you get their first thing in the morning, you're more likely to find, you know, everything in size order, everything is tidy, it's on hangers. Whereas if you go towards the end of the day, it's going to be a bit of a mess, like there’s items still the fitting rooms that haven’t been brought back out. So, early morning shopping is the way to go!


Q: What should people avoid when shopping in a sale?

Ailbhe: I would say picking up items that maybe you're humming and hawing about. If you don't really like it, don't bother. If You're questioning it there and then you're definitely not going to take it out of the wardrobe to wear it. So, I would take that as a sign and put it back and focus on picking up items that you really love, and you’ll actually use.


Q: What should people have in mind if they're going to go shopping in a sale?

Ailbhe: Yeah, so have a look at your wardrobe and see what kind of gaps you have to fill. And then if you do pick up something that you actually didn't have on your list but in your head you really like it…

Then, I'd say try and picture where you'd wear it to, at least three places. So, like, Yeah, I could wear this to brunch with the girls, or I could wear this to work as well and so on because then, you know that you will get use out of it. So, in that case go for it.


Q: So, you’ve recommended doing your research and having your list to fill the gaps in basics or staples. Does that mean people should avoid their impulses when shopping in a sale?

Ailbhe: Of course, you can treat yourself to a little bit of impulse. But like you know one of your questions was “What to avoid”, I would also avoid the kind of fast on season trends. Like this season it was a knitted bralette. You could go and buy that but you're never going to wear it next year because it won't be on trend.

So, you can buy trends and go, you know, if you really love that, it's your personality, it fits your style then of course go for it. But if you're just kind of buying it because you've seen it in magazines, don't be fooled. Like, don't buy it just for the sake of it because it's on trend right now. See, the new season starts in a months’ time, and then you're not going to wear it.

So, try to go for the core staples and styles that are you. Obviously be experimental and sales are a good time to experiment, but with a pinch of wiseness about it as well. If it's not your style, you're not going to wear it, which again, I'm guilty of it as well at times but try to be wise about it.


Q: Is there any particular Choice Boutique sale items that you have your eye on at the moment?

Ailbhe: Yeah so, the Peruzzi jumpsuit was down to €50. That's a really good kind of little staple because it's like a plain Navy. So again, like you can see that paired with jackets over it and into the winter as well. So, you know you can get use out of it year round.

A couple of linen tops are always great, I love the Bellenisa linen top and the Peruzzi Linen Top. So obviously it's so hot right now, that'd be the perfect little pick me up.

So, they'd be the kind of things I’d be looking out for - you know that are practical and you can wear them on and kind of even get a few seasons out of them.


Q: Any other top tips for shopping in a sale you want to leave us with?

Ailbhe: Yes, I mentioned earlier about how you could really use sales to be a little bit experimental as well. So, if you're kind of like me, I'd be big into you know wearing a lot of neutral colours. And then I tend to pick up, like some nice vibrant colours in the sale. Since it's not a huge leap in terms of cost, it's a good time to experiment with colours.

So, I think especially summer sales are great for that, you always see lots of lovely colours out there. And again, if the garment itself is something you would wear, you're more likely to actually use it. So yeah, it is a good time to kind of experiment a little bit with your colour tones without spending a fortune.

And then as well you know, with things that are a little bit dressier. Ok, maybe you can't envision three places right now that you'd wear it but it's great value… You know sales can also be a great time to pick up investment pieces like a formal dress that you love and you know you will wear when you have the opportunity. Like you might have a wedding down the line or a family party that you could wear it to. It doesn't have to be EVERYTHING is practical, it can be nice to treat yourself to something a little special too!


Now you have the insider tips for making the most out of the summer sale! So, head in prepared and fill in those gaps in your wardrobe but remember to treat yourself to a little special too!

Whether you’re going to stick to the staple pieces you need or splash out on trying some new experimental looks for you, just remember be true to yourself and your style and you really can’t go wrong… Happy shopping!


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